Are Your Electrical Products Safe?

The best way to protect yourself from substandard and counterfeit electrical goods is to buy them from a reputable retailer on the high street or through their websites.

The average success rate of an electrical product recall in the UK is between 10 - 20%. This means that potentially their are millions of recalled electrical items still in homes in the UK.

Potentially these products can cause serious risk of electric shock or electrical fire. Counterfeit electrical goods almost always contain incorrect or faulty parts that can overheat and break just days after purchase.

The electrical goods most often reported as faulty or dangerous are:

  • Electrical chargers
  • Adaptors,including those used for travel
  • Extension and spare product leads
  • Hairdryers,tongs and straighteners
  • Small kitchen appliances like kettles,toasters and irons

The Electrical Safety First product checker widget below, contains the details of electrical products that have been recalled since 2007.  You can find out more about Electrical Safety First at their website

If you have search for a product that you own and it is not listed, this means that it has not been recalled and should be safe to use.

However, if you do have concern about its safety, contact the retailer of manufacturer to alert them to a potential problem.


Widget from Electrical Safety First

How to spot if you have a recalled electrical product