Household Support Fund – Deadline 28 February

Two weeks before Christmas, Manchester City Council sent cheques of £70 or £100 to households which receive Council Tax Support, to contribute to their council tax bill.

This payment is part of a government-funded Household Support Fund scheme for households which are on a low income. The scheme covers working-age and older people, and the money is to help with household bills.

If you are aware of people who receive Council Tax Support and who may have either not opened the letter or cashed the cheque, please encourage them to act quickly and take action. People have until 28 February 2022 to cash their cheque. We would also encourage people to check with elderly relatives to make sure that they access this money.

There is more information on how to cash the cheques on Manchester City Councils website here.

If you need any further support you can contact WCHG Financial Inclusion Team on 0300 111 0000 / 0800 633 5500 or via the WCHG App, which is available to download via the App Store or Google Play.

Household Support Fund – Deadline 28 February