Latest Health and Wellbeing Community Connector is a success

Our Community and Neighbourhood Development team hosted their Health and Wellbeing Community Connector this week, welcoming many members of the community.

Taking place on Tuesday 18th June at The Message Trust, the event saw 17 community partners with stalls, available for members of the community to visit and seek support. for all things health and wellbeing-related.

Stall owner and film producer of Top and Tail Productions, Rebecca Peacock, shares, “I’ve not been to a Community Connector before, but it was so good to see all that folks are doing in Wythenshawe and to have some great conversations. Thanks so much to all who organised it!”

Community partners who attended included: Support to succeed, Mind Over Matter, Liveinshawe, Mercury Sounds, Mid-life Runners, Answer Cancer, Focus & Fly, Healthy Weight, Community Grocer's, Top and Tail Productions, Reiki'yin, Oral Health, Diabetic Eye Screening, Manchester Local Care Organisation, Morelife, Christians Against Poverty and Safespots.

Join us at our next Community Connector, with a theme of Youth and Play, on Monday 22nd July, 12.30pm, at St Michaels in Northern Moor.

Latest Health and Wellbeing Community Connector is a success