Local Law Firm and Housing Group Offer Free Legal Clinics for Start Ups

Chorlton-based law firm HLF Berry Solicitors is running free legal advice clinics for start-ups and small businesses, in partnership with Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

Supporting local business owners and those wanting to run their own business, the legal advice clinics are held once a month at The Enterprise Centre in Wythenshawe for Wythenshawe residents.

In addition to accessing advice from the Housing Group's professional business contacts on accounts, marketing, insurance and other key areas, solicitor Robin Burman from HLF Berry provides free legal advice for local business people. This includes advising on the legal structure of a business as well as answering questions on legal matters such as contracts with customers, employment law, leases and many other legal topics.

"Tenants of this housing group and others in business can attend our monthly sessions to receive free legal advice on starting and running their own company," explains HLF Berry solicitor Robin Burman.

"As a specialist commercial lawyer, I'm able to attend the legal clinics to support individuals on all matters and concerns they may have relating to a new business idea they want to start up or company they've already established."

The monthly legal clinics are held at The Enterprise Centre which acts as a hub for the development and support of enterprise in Wythenshawe by providing affordable all inclusive incubation and managed workspace offices, along with business support for both new and existing businesses.

Robin Burman adds: "I'm passionate about these legal clinics as they provide our firm and the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group with the opportunity to really help the local community. "

"With other professionals, I'm able to provide tailored legal advice for people keen to start a business or currently running a business. This may include helping to develop an idea; explaining the different structure options such as sole trader, partnership and limited company; and assisting with various legal documents to make sure they're relevant and up to date. "

"Commercial law is complex, and especially the areas of employment law and Health and Safety regulations which are continually changing. Tenants of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group and others in the local area can now come along to free sessions and ask questions on how any changes might impact on their business, and get the answers they need to help ensure they can confidently and legally run their company"

If you're keen to attend one of the free legal clinics, you can call HLF Berry's Chorlton office on 0161 860 7123 or email Robin Burman on rb@hlfberry.com for further details.

Local Law Firm and Housing Group Offer Free Legal Clinics for Start Ups