Local SME Builders Invited to Join Homebuilding Framework

Small and medium sized contractors are being offered the opportunity to win work building new homes and repairing properties for Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG).

SME builders can apply for schemes valued under £1 million via the easy to use Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) procurement portal: https://in-tendhost.co.uk/jvnorth

It is an open, unlimited list and new suppliers can join at any point until 2021.

Work will be divided into six areas: new build, refurbishment, modular build, disabled adaptations, supported housing and fire safety.

Contractors can apply for any or all of the lots.

They will be required to deliver building contracts relating to the construction of housing for sale, intermediate and social housing, refurbishments, adaptations and assist in the delivery of projects on time and to budget.

Works may also include fire safety schemes such as the installation of fire alarms, sprinklers and other fire protection and prevention works.

The opportunity is part of a £180 million framework being run by JV North – a consortium of nine housing associations across the north of England – of which we are a member.

It is the first time JV North has opened a section of its framework specifically to smaller contractors.

Once the SMEs have been appointed onto the DPS list, we will tender our construction opportunities under £1 million to all successful applicants.

WCHG Group Chief Executive Nigel Wilson, said: “The Dynamic Purchasing System simplifies the procurement process which really appeals to SMEs.Many are put off by lengthy procurement processes or think the work is too big for them and will be taken by larger contractors.This is why we have split the framework into two lots; one for works over £1 million, which has already been completed, and now one for works under £1 million.JV North members will have a significant amount of home building schemes valued under £1 million needing to be completed in the next four years that will be perfectly suited to smaller contractors.We know a lot of local contractors deliver excellent work and want to tap into this.By doing so, WCHG will be able to invest further in our communities, supporting businesses and the local economy.”

Local SME Builders Invited to Join Homebuilding Framework