We want to Make Things Right

Make Things Right is part of a national campaign highlighting the importance of social landlords listening to their customers, and what they can do if they’re not happy with their landlord. We’re running our own Make Things Right campaign alongside to make sure you, if you’re not happy with us, know how to get in touch with us to try and resolve things.

We know we don’t get things right all the time and we want to understand how and why things went wrong or could be improved.

Working together we’ll:

  • Have an accurate understanding of our customers' feelings about our services and how we can make them even better for customers
  • Improve the capture of, and centralise, all feedback so improvements can be made across the organisation
  • Let customers know about our feedback and complaints process so they can get in touch quickly and understand how the process works

If you’re unhappy with any aspect of our services, please tell us so we can make things right. Also, if you'd like to share your positive feedback and praise we'd love to hear about this too.

If you want to make a complaint or share your feedback, please visit our Complaints, feedback and praise page.

We want to Make Things Right