New Community Garden for Mitchell Gardens

The grounds of Mitchell Gardens have been given a new lease of life, in the form of a new colourful community garden. Residents worked with Karen Heslop, a Neighbourhood Officer with Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG), arranging flower beds and pots. They also had a helping hand from Karen’s son. Before any planting could be done, Karen enlisted the help of WCHG’s Environmental Services team to dig out and clear the ground.

Janet Papworth, resident and key Customer Experience Committee member, said: "I've lived in Mitchell Gardens for many years but recently WCHG brought back housing officers for each area and Karen, who is our housing officer, has been in touch with us and sorted out many issues, good and bad, and always kept us updated. Recently she consulted with us about planting some flowers, so it gives us something to look at and enjoy."

“The day Karen came with the plants some of the tenants came out and got involved in planting and we had a good natter as well"

Karen said: “I arranged for the ground at Mitchell Gardens to be dug out by our Environmental Services team. Alongside residents, we planted flowers from Primrose Garden Centre and some customers planted their own pots."

Karen aims to keep up the good work, saying: “I’ll keep adding to the beds over the coming months to make sure we keep getting colour. It looks amazing and the residents were all superstars so a big mention and thank you to them.”





New Community Garden for Mitchell Gardens