Our Neighbourhood Promise

Page 2The Neighbourhood Team at Wythenshawe Community Housing Group have been working with colleagues, tenants and residents across Wythenshawe to find out what you think of the area you live and work in and what the priorities are for our neighbourhoods.

A new Group wide Neighbourhood Strategy was developed and approved in 2014 setting out how we will manage our neighbourhoods, taking in to account what you told us are the priorities and supporting WCHG's 5 year Strategic Plan.

We have developed a Neighbourhood Promise for each of our 14 neighbourhoods that reflect the make -up of our neighbourhoods, what we know about them from customer views and feedback, our performance and what external indicators are telling us.Quote 2

Each Neighbourhood Promise has an action plan for the next 3 years that we will deliver on and report back to colleagues and customers to let you know how we have delivered and what the outcomes are across our neighbourhoods.

We're doing this as a Group because we aspire to put neighbourhoods at the heart of the business and deliver locally focussed services.

The Neighbourhood Plan will be managed by the local Housing Officer and they will be responsible for making sure the actions on the plans are completed. We will provide a 6 month summary of how we are doing and a full annual update so colleagues and customers know that we're doing what we said we would do. We will use our Local Performance Panels and Tenant Committee to challenge our performance and to be the voice of our tenants and residents if they feel there are areas we can improve on.

If you would like any further information about the Neighbourhood Plans or how you can get involved in any of the planned community events, please contact the Neighbourhoods Team on 0800 633 5500 / 0300 111 0000

Our Neighbourhood Promise