We have a Handyperson Service to help tenants with small jobs. There is a charge for this service but they can:

  • Put up shelves.
  • Fit curtain rails and battens.
  • Install light fittings (tenants own).
  • Fit blinds.
  • Fit bathroom accessories.
  • Install door accessories (where they are not our responsibility).
  • Re-align doors.
  • Install cookers, washers, driers etc.
  • Change strip lights, bulbs, fuses and plugs.
  • Assemble furniture.
  • Touch up small areas of paintwork.

All you have to do is supply the materials or products. There is an hourly rate and a minimum charge of half an hour.

We will give you an estimate of how long a job should take so you will know roughly how much it will cost.

Further information

For more information call the Customer Services Team on 0800 633 5500 or 0300 111 0000.