Police join forces to fight crime

Residents in Wythenshawe can now access a number of services under one roof following the launch of a police post at Parkway Green House.

The new service puts police officers in the heart of the community and enables residents to speak to representatives from Parkway Green & Willow Park, Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police in one place, rather than making three separate trips.

Working more closely with Parkway Green and Willow Park and Manchester City Council, it also enables staff to share intelligence with police to ensure that appropriate action is taken to keep communities safe and ensure cross Wythenshawe working.

From 1 April Parkway Green and Willow Park Housing Trusts are joining forces to create Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) who will be responsible for almost 14,000 homes across Wythenshawe and provide employment to over 500 people. Chair of the WCHG Board Eddy Newman will be at the launch alongside Chief Executive Nigel Wilson to help promote and show their support for the new service.

The GMP crest will be displayed on Parkway Green House and Bowland Road as a reminder to residents that neighbourhood officers are available.

Residents are also invited to attend integrated surgeries, which take place on Wednesdays between 11am and 12pm at Parkway Green House and Bowland Road. These are an opportunity to discuss any concerns with crime and antisocial behaviour with representatives from Greater Manchester Police, Manchester City Council and Parkway Green.

Chief Superintendent Rob Potts said: "The police, Parkway Green Housing Trust and Manchester City Council are committed to making the area a safer place to live and by working more closely together we can improve the service that residents receive from us and have better success in tackling crime and antisocial behaviour.

"Our new police post makes officers more accessible to the public, as well as ensuring that they are better informed of the needs of local communities."

Assistant Director of Housing from Parkway Green, Paula Beeson, said "The weekly surgeries are a great opportunity for our residents to access the neighbourhood policing team in a convenient location.  We hope that by working more closely together that all of our services improve and we can become more effective".

Cllr Bernard Priest, Manchester City Council's executive member for neighbourhood services, said: "The City Council has a long history of working closely with the police and residents to make sure our communities are safe places to live. Having all these services under one roof will make it easier for residents to raise any concerns they may have, while it will also help our officers share information with the police and make sure these concerns are dealt with properly."

Paul Goggins, MP for Sale and Wythenshawe said: "I am delighted that Parkway Green and the local police are joining forces in the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour.

"I welcome this new partnership that will strengthen public safety and make sure that any concerns are dealt with speedily and effectively."

To contact the Wythenshawe Policing Team, please call them on 0161 856 4882 or email wythenshawe@gmp.police.uk.

Residents can also keep up-to-date with news from the Wythenshawe Neighbourhood Policing Team by following them on Twitter and Facebook. Follow @GMPWythenshawe or like ‘GMP Wythenshawe’ on Facebook.

They can also follow Parkway Green on Twitter (@parkwaygreen) or Willow Park (@willowPKhousing).

Police join forces to fight crime