Product Recall : Surface Pro, Pro 2 & Pro 3 AC Power Cord

Fire Risk: Surface Pro, Pro 2 & Pro 3 AC Power Cord

Microsoft have announced a product recall for the AC Power Cord for these popular devices sold before 15 July 2015. The cords are apparently vulnerable to damage and deterioration if bent, resulting in potential risk of overheating and fire.

Microsoft are replacing all Power Cords with newer models which do not suffer from this fault within 4-6 business days on request and it is our recommendation that all clients who have the eligible power cords arrange replacement. In the meantime they are recommending that these power cords are not used until they are replaced.

Full details of the recall are available on their website.

Note: it is not the full power supply apparatus that represents a risk, just the cord between the power socket and the “brick”.


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