Taking care of you and our workforce

The safety of our customers and employees remains our key priority so, while government regulations relating to face coverings were relaxed on January 27, we are maintaining some precautionary measures:

  • We are asking our colleagues to continue to take regular lateral flow tests and self-isolation advice remains in place.
  • When you contact us to request services to your home, we may ask about your health and the health of others in your household.
  • If a colleague from WCHG visits your home, and they aren’t already doing so, please feel free to ask them to wear a face covering.
  • We would be grateful if social distancing is maintained during visits for repairs and provision of services.

In November through to January, we experienced high absence levels as a result of the Omicron variant spreading, coupled with a high level of disruption in our supply chains.

We are continuing to work hard to reduce wait times for repairs and we ask for customers’ extended patience while shortages continue to recover.

As is the case with many organisations, we will continue to face challenges with materials and labour availability in the coming months but we are doing everything we can to put our customers first. We will continue to keep you informed if you are affected by changes to arrangements.

Taking care of you and our workforce