Temporary Changes to WCHG Repairs Service during COVID

Our repairs service Wythenshawe Works have successfully delivered repairs, compliance and maintenance services in accordance with Covid guidelines throughout the pandemic. They have continued to meet appropriate timescales and performance targets despite the impact upon our customers and service delivery. In recent months, WCHG have received an increase in demand for repairs from our homes. This increase in demand has occurred at a time when we have experienced an increase in colleague absence, compounded by Covid isolation cases amongst our trade colleagues. In addition, our supply chains and sub-contractors have experienced capacity issues and have not able to support us in the usual way with this additional demand.

In order to protect and continue our repairs service to customers, we have temporarily prioritised repairs in our customers’ homes. This will mean work in our void homes will take longer to get ready for new customers. This will impact on homes ready for relet during the months of July and August. We will review resourcing capacity each week and keep our customers informed on our current priorities and the impact this is having on turning around works in void properties with timescales for their availability, thank you.

Repairs and Maintenance