The Great Wythenshawe Get Together 2017

Events were taking place all over Wythenshawe on the weekend of the 16th-18th June in memory of the late Jo Cox MP

‘The Great Get Together’ is a national initiative, promoted by the Jo Cox Foundation, to bring people together in local communities so that they can get to know each other and help break down barriers.

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group supported 10 local satellite events across Wythenshawe, with the flagship event being held on the 17th June at Brookfield Gardens in Benchill in association with the Real Benchill project. This enabled the entire Wythenshawe community to get involved in the ‘Great Get Together’.

Hundreds of local people attended the Jubilee style Funday in the Park which had everything from its own funfair to information stalls from various agencies including GMP and the Fire Brigade

Events took place at the Bideford Community Centre, Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, Village 135, Royal Oak Community Centre, and Johannesburg Gardens.

WCHG were honoured to receive a thank you from Brendan Cox to celebrate the successes of the ‘Great Get Together’, he said,” Together we brought together millions of people for the biggest community celebrations since the Jubilee, and powerfully displayed that we have more in common. I was sent so many stories of neighbours meeting each other for the first time, old friendships rekindled and cake overload.

It was really uplifting to see all the powerful things that Jo stood for celebrated in such a British way, with all the imagination and spontaneity and downright eccentricity that one would expect. And, perhaps most importantly of all, after being told how divided we are, it was joyful to see thousands upon thousands of photos of people across the country celebrating community and togetherness. Sometimes we just need an excuse to get together, and when we do, it’s clear that there’s much more that unites us, exactly as Jo said

The Great Wythenshawe Get Together 2017