WCHG Annual Report 2019-20

WCHG is delighted to announce the release of our Annual Report for 2019-20. This report goes into detail about what we have achieved and summarises some of our plans for continuing to support Wythenshawe community. We introduce our new Senior Management Team, who possess a varied skill set to support and transform future services along with new appointments to our Board. It focuses on our united response to the pandemic with key partners and how our close links to the Wythenshawe Community meant we were well placed to support our customers through this difficult time.

We demonstrate how our workforce has adapted and become agile to support the needs of the community with employment, financial advice, providing new homes as well as day to day support with food parcels and befriending services.

The Wythenshawe community has been witness to some impressive community spirit during the pandemic and has seen a strengthening of the voluntary and social enterprise sector.

We will continue to remain strong and focused, yet flexible, in our support of the community as it deals with the long-term effects of the pandemic.

To read the report click on this link.

WCHG Annual Report 2019-20