WCHG Heartstart Programme

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group are proud to have launched its first FREE Heartstart training programme for staff and local people.

The Heartstart course is supported by Knutsford Heartstart and teaches CPR and other emergency lifesaving skills. The course is affiliated to the British Heart Foundation and gives Wythenshawe residents the opportunity to access a FREE course to learn vital skills that can help save someone’s life.

Each course lasts around two and a half hours and offers participants the skills to deal with;

• an unconscious person
• the signs and symptoms of a heart attack
• recognising a cardiac arrest and performing CPR
• dealing with choking
• dealing with serious bleeding.

Each course is led by a qualified instructor and WCHG colleagues are undertaking training to help act as instructors and facilitators.

Elizabeth Jolly who attended the session said “It was a fantastic course, good training and I learnt valuable skills. It’s very good that WCHG are funding a project like this. I am looking forward to training to be a facilitator and helping other people to gain new skills.”

Annie Heath who attended the sessions said “For an old woman of 82, I thought it was very useful because I volunteer at the Grand Day Out which is attended by a lot of elderly people who may need my assistance. I am looking forward to training as a facilitator. It’s good that WCHG are getting involved in the wider community and funding a worthwhile project like this.”

Heartstart was set up by the British Heart Foundation in 1996 and to date over 3.5 million people have attended a Heartstart course. Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately after sudden cardiac arrest, can double or triple (approximately 15 - 24%) a victim’s chance of survival.

The courses will be run from the Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre each month and you can book on as an individual or a group. For more information contact Jordan Tyms on 0161 436 0560 or email heartstart@wchg.org.uk

WCHG Heartstart Programme