WCHG help plant a seed for gender equality

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group have pledged 2k to help support, ‘The Pankhurst & Manchester Women’s Aid campaign,  to transform the garden at the Pankhurst Centre into a sanctuary for women and children in need, this will also commemorate 100 years of votes for women.

This historically significant building was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst and her family who led the Suffragette campaign for Votes for Women, and is the place where the first meeting of the Women’s Social and Political Union was held.

As a women’s community centre it provides and offers space for activities and events run by women, for women. It offers a unique place in which women can learn together, work on projects and socialise. It is a vibrant centre that hosts a number of women’s organisations and projects that support women, thus continuing the struggle that the Suffragettes began, fighting for women’s rights, all those years ago.

The campaign has already had some amazing support so far and aims to reach their target of 20k.

The Garden will be an incredible legacy, not only symbolically but practically, providing a tranquil and reflective space for women and children, many of whom who have experienced great trauma within their lives.

WCHG Group Chief Executive Nigel Wilson said, “WCHG are proud to support such a good cause! I hope that more people do get behind this fantastic campaign and they raise enough funds to transform the garden”

To find out more about the campaign or to pledge your support visit; http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/plant-a-seed-for-gender-equality

For more information you can follow the Pankhurst Centre on Twitter @PankhurstCentre

WCHG help plant a seed for gender equality