WCHG launch new Customer Hub

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group has launched a new Customer Hub at Wythenshawe House today.

The hub has been designed as an one-stop shop to help customers get all their questions answered during their first call. In the new Customer Hub, different teams will be on hand to offer specialist advice to customers.

From 28 March, team members from across the organisation will be co-located together to help answer queries quicker. The customer hub is open for telephone calls 8am - 6pm , Monday to Friday.

WCHG Assistant Director of Customer Experience Sarah Klueter said: “We hope this new approach will help to improve our customer service and decrease the number of call backs that are currently required from our customer contact centre. Having the different teams based in the same place means they can not only offer on-the-spot specialist advice to customers when needed but learn from each other and help build on WCHG's ‘one team’ approach.”

If you would prefer to see us in person, then you can come to Wythenshawe House, 8 Poundswick Lane near the Civic Centre where our doors are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

The WCHG App also gives you the freedom to book a repair day or night which you can download here.

Wythenshawe House