WCHG is a living wage employer

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) has today become one of the twenty seven organisations in the Housing sector nationally to become an accredited Living Wage Employer, which will see their apprentices paid the living wage.

The announcement will mean no employee at WCHG, will be paid less than £7.65 per hour - the rate independent experts calculate is the amount required to cope with the cost-of-living.

The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually, based on the cost living in the UK. The Living Wage campaign has been running for ten years and has lifted over 45,000 people out of poverty.

MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East Mike Kane visited and toured one of WCHG’s building sites and met apprentices who will benefit from the Groups announcement.

Mike  Kane said: "This is a brilliant example of a local employer giving employment opportunities to young people and making sure they're paid properly for their work.

"The more employers who start paying the living wage, the more money will go into the local economy, helping growth and helping families here tackle the cost-of-living crisis."

Rhys Moore Director of the Living Wage Foundation said “The benefits the Living Wage brings to staff and business are clear. I welcome the leadership shown by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group on this important issue.” To find out more about becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer visit www.livingwage.org.uk

Apprentice from WCHG Red McBride said “Being put on the living wage will mean a lot to me, I will be able to be a bigger contributor financially to my family reducing the burden on them, and it will assist me securing a deposit for an apartment.

Chair of WCHG Councillor Eddy Newman said “I am proud that Wythenshawe Community Housing Group is leading the way in Manchester with our decision to become a Living Wage employer. Most of the staff who will benefit from this live locally within the Wythenshawe community which we serve."

Group Chief Executive Nigel Wilson of WCHG said “WCHG have decided that at this time it’s appropriate we ensure all our colleagues are provided with the living wage as a minimum, this is an investment in our people because they are our greatest assets”.

WCHG is a living wage employer