WCHG Press Statement 10/07/2017

As part of our on-going commitment to ensuring resident safety,  we have commissioned  workers to attend each home within the 10 multi-storey buildings to carry out electrical checks on customers own portable kitchen appliances, (e.g. toasters, fridges, kettles etc), this will ensure we identify any faulty electrical appliances.

During the visit, we will also carry out additional smoke detector checks and if necessary, replace any smoke detectors that are over 7 years old to ensure they remain fully effective. In addition, WCHG will replace free of charge any chip pans in the 10 multi-storey buildings with new safer alternatives.

We are well on the way to completing these tests to all 10 blocks, with the remaining properties being completed in the next week.  We have identified 41 properties with chip pans which have been replaced free of charge with Low Fat Air Fryers which offer health benefits and are energy efficient.

The Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, have conducted a large number of ‘Safe and Well’ visits. These visits explain to residents what to do in an emergency, identify any hazards in the home and where appropriate also provide smoke alarms.

We will continue to work closely with the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service and carry out all our usual formal daily, weekly and annual checks at our blocks to ensure that blocks fully comply with building and fire safety regulations.

Office Closure – 20/6/14