WCHG Recruits New Housing Trainees

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) is delighted to recruit 4 new participants to their housing assistant trainee programme.

The 12 month full time traineeship is available to out of work residents from the Wythenshawe area and sees participants train as housing assistants at WCHG whilst completing a level 2 Chartered Institute of Housing qualification.

These roles always generate a lot of local interest and candidates have to first complete a pre-employment course and group assessments before a final interview panel that includes senior housing managers from WCHG.

WCHG's New Housing Trainees
WCHG's New Housing Trainees

This year we welcome Ebenezer, Michelle, Sam & Philip into these positions.

Ebenezer had been out of work for 7 months but started volunteering at Shelter where he developed a keen interest in housing matters: “I have a real passion to learn about housing and am really looking forward to the challenge”.

Phillip had been unemployed for over a year after losing his previous position due to getting injured: “I am really looking forward to having some structure back in my life as being out of work was not good for my mental health”.

Michelle had been a stay at home mum for the last 9 years but had been volunteering for the last 2 years: “Volunteering gave me the confidence to look at returning to work, now my youngest is at school it feels like the right time for me”.

Sam was born and raised in Wythenshawe and is now looking forward to the opportunity to contribute in a positive way back to the community he knows so well: “When I was looking for work I was sometimes applying for over a 100 jobs in week and not hearing anything, I had begun to lose heart”.

The traineeships will start in March 2016 and for more information on the programme contact WCHG’s Employment Team on 0161 946 1056 or realopportunities@wchg.org.uk