WCHG supports the National Housing Federation Campaign to ‘Fix the Housing Crisis for Good’

Group Chief Executive, Nick Horne took to the streets of Wythenshawe as part of the National Housing Federation’s nationwide week of action to call for the new government to fix the housing crisis for good. As part of this, housing associations across the country were showcasing the work they do to support residents, act as community anchors and how they play a vital role in being part of the solution to fix the housing crisis.

The sector is calling for the next government to invest £12.8bn in new social housing every year for a decade. This would unlock tens of thousands of new social homes across the country, as well as supporting the economy and lowering the benefit bill.

Homes for sale or rent in Wythenshawe have become increasingly out of reach for local people, as a responsible housing provider we are committed to tackling the national housing crisis, our development portfolio will create 836 much needed new homes with an investment of over £100m by the year 2020. These new affordable, quality homes are much more than just bricks and mortar they will provide the building blocks to leaving a sustainable legacy for the Wythenshawe community.

According to the National Housing Federation first ever ‘state of the nation’ report we are officially facing a broken housing market, with more than 8m people in England, around 1 in 7, living in unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable homes. The consequences are clear to see, rising prices, homelessness on the up and more and more people unable to find a decent home they can afford.

This week, WCHG is joining housing associations from across the country to call for investment in new, desperately-needed social housing and to ensure this crisis is projected to the top of the next government’s in-tray, we need to;

  • Build new social housing
  • Make sure everyone can feel safe in their home
  • Invest in places to bring the country together
  • Deliver a new deal for social housing with residents at the heart
  • Develop a fair and effective support and welfare system.

WCHG Group Chief Executive, Nick Horne said, “The debate about building new affordable homes is only the start, it’s about sustaining communities feeding into the WCHG’s vision to create communities where people choose to live and work, having pride in their homes and services. Our development programme will provide hundreds of new homes and will support those most in need and those who would otherwise not be able to afford their own home.

We are much more than just a housing provider we support the local community by helping them get back into work, along with an award winning apprenticeship and training programme. We support our residents affected by the Welfare Reform and Universal Credit so that they can maintain their tenancies well into the future.

The Bishop of Manchester, The Right Revd David Walker, WCHG has an impressive development portfolio to accommodate older people and young families, enabling them to stay within their family networks where they will receive care and support and be able to manage the demands of work and family life

Bricks and mortar can create a sound home, and truly affordable rents make it practicable to live in, but it’s only when these are combined with care and attention to the human element of our communities that we can make a great place”.

WCHG supports the National Housing Federation Campaign to ‘Fix the Housing Crisis for Good’