WCHG Tenant Committee ask the Hot Housing Questions of the Day

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) recently held a question and answer session as part of ‘Tenant Journey’, an in-house training course for their Tenant Committee members. This was held at the Manchester Enterprise Academy (MEA), Manchester Evening News’ School of the Year’, which is sponsored by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

‘Tenant Journey’ is a modular training programme, developed and hosted by WCHG’s Involvement Team, to provide comprehensive insight into the services offered by the Housing Group. This new, in-house opportunity provides the necessary tools, expertise and information to enable Tenant Committee members to make informed decisions on behalf of WCHG tenants – and providing it in-house is also excellent value for money too.

The event included a high profile panel from within the housing sector:
• David Taylor-Smith – Assistant Director Regulatory Operations Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).
• Gareth Bevan - Policy Officer at National Housing Federation
• Robin Lawler - CEO at Northwards Housing and former Chartered Institute of Housing President
• Dean Slavin – Senior Housing Manager at WCHG

Questions from tenants were around the hot housing topics of the day, such as the effect of the budget on Housing Associations, the effect of welfare reforms on tenants and the future of affordable homes for rent.

Dean Slavin, WCHG’s Involvement Manager works closely with tenants and was delighted with the outcome of this session. Dean said; “We have always provided training for our involved tenants, but in recent times we realised that we had the expertise to bring this in-house. We have covered a wide range of topical issues that will help our tenants understand the broader housing arena and some of the really tough decisions that lay ahead.”

Nigel Wilson, Group Chief Executive of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group said; “Our new ‘Tenant Journey’ programme is a great way of utilising the housing experience we have in the business, and also working with our housing partners. We would like to thank our housing colleagues from Northwards Housing, the Homes and Communities Agency and the National Housing Federation for providing their considerable expertise and making the session so rewarding for our involved tenants.”

WCHG Tenant Committee ask the Hot Housing Questions of the Day