WCHG’s Modular Homes Near Completion

WCHG are delighted to announce that their new modular Build homes at Haveley Circle in Wythenshawe are nearing completion.

Supported by funding from the Homes & Communities Agency, the five new 2 bedroom homes will help to bring more rental houses to the Benchill area and are the first of this style of build that WCHG has trialled.

These high quality modular homes are constructed off site in a controlled factory environment where the outside elements cannot affect the build. They are pre-fitted with electrics, plumbing, heating, doors, windows and internal finishes whilst still in the factory and this allows a smoother and quicker program and organization of different trades.

Waste is also reduced by up to 80% due to materials being already at the factory and able to be measured accurately, cut to size and fitted before going to site. In turn this means there is less waste material on site to be managed and removed.

It also means that on site where the homes are to be located, the amount of disruption due to different trades working on location is dramatically reduced as the majority of work is done in the factory and therefore local residents and members of the community will have less noise and traffic to contend with as with a traditional construction.

Modular construction is a two phase process allowing both the on-site and off-site construction to happen simultaneously which can effectively reduce the program time when ultimately the units are carefully transported and craned into position onto already prepared foundations when the utilities can be tapped in to and external finishes completed.

WCHG’s Modular Homes Near Completion