WOW Zone – Global Partners Junior Programme

Since October 2015 the WOW Zone has been working with 10 students from Ringway Primary School in Wythenshawe on a Global Learning Programme. The programme itself is set up and organised by the Mayor’s office in New York City with the aim of encouraging collaboration and unity between students from different cities around the world.

The WOW Zone, an out of school learning centre in Wythenshawe, is the only location outside of London that is delivering the programme in England. Global Partners Junior has enabled young people from Wythenshawe to broaden their horizons and increase their ambitions through learning about the experiences of others. This has given children the confidence, and inspiration to explore the wider world and aim high!

Jacque Allen, Executive Director of Housing said, “We are really proud of what the students have achieved since October and it has been wonderful to see them grow in confidence whilst developing their global awareness.”

This year’s theme for the project was entitled ‘Colourful Communities’. Students have learnt about different art forms and how they can be used to communicate ideas about global cities and the diverse groups of people that live in them. Students have shared facts about their city through blog posts, discussion forums and photo and video galleries, all whilst learning from and conversing with their international peers.

Students from Wythenshawe developed a great link with their counterparts at IPS Dong Nai in Bien Hoa, Vietnam with whom they shared video messages and discussions online”.

Chris, Year 6 Global Partners Junior Student from Ringway Primary School said,“WOW Zone was an amazing experience. They helped me to understand things that I didn’t know much about. They supported me and helped me with my work, they always told me never to give up or doubt myself… the last thing I’ve got to say is… WOW!”

On Wednesday 25th May the children, alongside the WOW Zone staff Lisa and Louise, performed an amazing showcase documenting their global journey. They performed raps, poems, song and dance as well as having the opportunity to share their other work. The children planned and delivered the showcase themselves. It was attended by their teachers from school, their parents, grandparents and siblings

WOW Zone – Global Partners Junior Programme