‘Wythenshawe Digital’ Helps People Get Online

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group’s (WCHG) Digital Inclusion Team has seen a significant influx in local people getting in touch due to a recent Jobs Fair that was held at Manchester Airport on the 13th January 2016, which saw over 2,500 jobs available, with the first hour of the fair being dedicated to Wythenshawe residents.

The ‘Wythenshawe Digital’ project has been designed to help equip local people with important digital skills to help them access online services and opportunities as well as offering refurbished computer equipment at affordable rates.

Since the ‘Get Ready Get Hired’ event at the Wythenshawe Forum in December the team have assisted 55 people, who went onto attend the recent jobs fair at Manchester Airport, from helping them with basic IT skills to creating a CV.

They have also worked closely with the WCHG Employability team and the Dyslexia Foundation UK to help give participants access to the internet, the ability to create a CV and cover letter and enter data into a spreadsheet.

The team have also recently sold several refurbished computers to allow local job seekers to continue to search and apply for work.

Digital Inclusion Officer Mark Bowker from the project said, “The jobs fair was a huge success for the project! We were based at the Airport Train Station where many attendees were waiting for the free shuttle bus to the jobs fair. We engaged with numerous people, who as a result have signed up for IT skills workshops. We will continue to do everything we can to help local people and signpost them to many of the opportunities in Wythenshawe.”

If you have any old computer equipment you would like to donate to the project please get in touch. For more information contact Mark on 0161 946 6444 or email getonline@wchg.org.uk

Wythenshawe Digital

‘Wythenshawe Digital’ Helps People Get Online