Wythenshawe Needs You! Manchester Day Parade

Sun 2nd June 2013

Wythenshawe is being represented at this year's Manchester Day Parade and we want to show the community of Manchester and tourists what a great place Wythenshawe is and how proud we are of it.

The theme this year is "Wish you were here" and so to tempt people to visit Wythenshawe we need the people of Wythenshawe to get involved.

If you are free on the day and would like to help out fantastic but even if you cannot make it on the day you might be able to contribute to the preparations.

We are hoping to make a representation of Wythenshawe Hall, with the help of Walk the Plank (the events company supporting the parade) and some of their artist friends. www.walktheplank.co.uk

Other groups from across Wythenshawe are getting involved with other aspects of Wythenshawe's part of the parade.

The theme for Wythenshawe is probably going to be Wythenshawe as a Garden City - this will enable all groups to create beautiful and bright art and craft for the parade. For more information see the website www.themanchesterdayparade.co.uk

Please come along to the meeting and find out how you can help.

Meeting: WEDNESDAY 17TH APRIL 6pm Wythenshawe Hall - Tenants Hall Wythenshawe Park Wythenshawe Road M23 OAB

(You can park in the main car park, courtyard car park, at the side of the hall or in front of the Hall if there is room.) Entrance to the meeting will be through the front of the hall.

Wythenshawe Needs You! Manchester Day Parade