Wythenshawe Young People – Have a 5k say

Wythenshawe Young People have had their say on what local projects that they think £5000 worth of funding should be spent on.

Over 140 local young people, aged 10-19, came together to take part in an event at the Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre in late February, where their votes helped to commission local youth projects in the area, some of which will provide activities aimed at reducing antisocial behavior in Wythenshawe.

The event was run by the Wythy Tree Youth Bank (WTYB) a newly formed group run by young people with the support of Wythenshawe Community Housing Group’s (WCHG) Youth Involvement team. It was attended by Chair of the WCHG Board Eddy Newman and local councilor Brian O'Neil as well as key individuals from Manchester City Council and WCHG.

Operational Coordinator for WTYB Joe Amos said, “We were really delighted with how well this event was attended and the buy in that we got from the Young People, it’s a really exciting project to be involved in and to see young people working together to help the projects that are important to them and their lives is fantastic”.

Youth Bank Member Lucy, 16, said, “It was really great to be heard and know that our voices mattered. We don’t want to leave it to the adults to make decisions on the things that matter to us”.

A group of 6 Young People have been working on the WYYB since October 2015 and they not only helped to make the funding criteria and guidelines but led on the planning of the launch event and project.

To find out more contact the WCHG Youth Involvement Team on at YouthInvolvement@wchg.org.uk

Wythenshawe Young People – Have a 5k say