Wythenshawe Youth Forum Plan Event To Help Tackle ASB

The Wythenshawe Youth Forum is planning an event later this month that will look at how mental health impacts on anti-social behaviour (ASB) for young people in South Manchester.

The project, called ‘Up2YOU To Talk It Out’, has been designed to help youth support professionals to better understand the links between Youth ASB and mental health and will take place at the Manchester Health Academy on 26th August.

The event will bring together representatives from the police, social care, mental health practitioners, schools, crisis workers, triage nurses, youth workers, GP’s, youth offending key workers and other parties who support or come into contact with young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties across South Manchester.

It will be facilitated by the young people involved and will include presentations from the Youth Forum, which will draw on lived experiences and case studies concerning young people’s mental health in the community. There will also be the opportunity for solutions-based discussions with the different professionals attending and the chance for young people to provide different scenarios on how they could apply better practice and partnership working as part of the event.

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group's Youth Involvement Manager Christine Bogard said, “ This is a really innovative project that the Youth Forum wanted to make as accessible and engaging as possible for all the professionals attending to ensure these organisations are receiving young people’s views directly. The young people organising the event believe that through encouraging discussion and understanding the way mental health difficulties may present in a young person, they hope to encourage early intervention and de-escalation techniques in order to reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.”


Wythenshawe Youth Forum Plan Event To Help Tackle ASB