1. Make sure you have underlay and carpet on your stairs and floors.
  2. Report any door repairs so that they close quietly.
  3. Fit felt door pads to prevent them slamming.
  4. Being thoughtful when you have a party or celebration, tell your neighbours about the event and lower the noise after 11pm.
  5. If your dogs bark at noise outside the property when you’re out leave a radio on very low to distract them?
  1. If you live in an upstairs flat buy a anti vibration mat for your washing machine (can be bought from amazon for around £15 and stop the noise from the washing machine disturbing other neighbours)
  2. If you have laminated wooden flooring make sure it has enough sound insulation to prevent disturbing your neighbours below. Or wear slippers or trainers when walking upon it.
  3. Inform your neighbours of any works being carried out on the floors or walls in your property and keep noisy DIY to a minimum.
  4. Think about the volume of your TV, music and/or gaming. Think about lowering the volume of these as it gets later into the evening
  5. Finally please remember that we often come from different cultures, backgrounds with different work patterns, priorities and lifestyles. So, we ask all our residents to be tolerant and respectful towards one another.