CX Chat

Welcome to CX Chat, your round-up of major points discussed at WCHG’s Customer Experience Committee (CXC) meetings.

The purpose of the CXC is to ensure stronger tenant and leaseholder voices in WCHG decision-making. Officially part of the governance structure, CXC is a group of customers and Group Board members.

CXC meets every two months and CX Chat aims to summarise the key areas covered by the meeting, keeping customers informed in an easy-to-digest format.

Living Well Fund

The committee recognised the serious, ongoing impact of the cost of living crisis on our customers and listened to a review of the principles behind the Living Well Fund. As a result, the committee approved those principles and requested that they be kept informed on how the fund develops.

The committee also noted that it would like to review the principles of any Community and Neighbourhood Development Strategy as opposed to simply providing sign-off for the final strategy.

Customer feedback   

The committee reviewed reports on customer feedback during 2022/23, and how the business has changed and improved as a result of that feedback. As a result, they approved WCHG’s self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code.

The committee gave a strong direction that WCHG needs to focus on communications with customers and it expressed its wish to see a strengthened ‘you said, we did’ approach to inform customers of improvements being made as a result of their feedback. They also asked that WCHG provide examples of best practice of how customer voices are captured and reported by other housing providers.

The committee expects WCHG to be able to clearly articulate to customers what influence customers have had on the New Repairs Appointment Service, at the end of the trial period, through such methods as customer panels.

Monitoring WCHG’s Performance  

The committee would like to see a strengthened approach to monitoring and reporting customer satisfaction across WCHG, and as a result it has asked the organisation to develop a performance framework for the committee on both compliance with consumer regulation, and performance on things that matter most to customers.

The committee will commission external consultants to help them develop the best way to monitor WCHG's performance and hear what our customers say about our services.


CX Chat