Key questions answered as we enter the new Lockdown

As the UK enters a new lockdown on Thursday 5th November. We have highlighted some of the key questions about how our services will be impacted during this time.  For more questions and answers please visit the FAQ section of our Coronavirus Toolkit on this website - 

The best way to make contact with us during this time is through the WCHG App which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play - or for more contact information visit here. 

We will also continue to update this Website and our Twitter & Facebook pages throughout this period with any key information.  

Are WCHG still running a Repairs Service? 

Our repairs service is fully operational, six days per week. Don’t forget to can book a job via our WCHG app, which has a full diagnostic tool to aid you through the booking process 

In the event of an emergency repair please report this to us in the usual way via our contact centre on 0800 633 5500 or 0300 111 000.  

Routine repairs can be logged via the contact centre, however in order to keep the phone lines free for emergency calls we would ask that you consider emailing in any non-urgent repairs via the contact us form or via our App,Facebook and Twitter pages.  

Before we conduct any repair or visit we will call you to check on your current health and wellbeing, this is to ensure the safety of our operatives who may attend multiple properties in a day. All staff visiting are following enhanced cleaning procedures and will not be sent to a property if they show any signs of illness. 

Do I have to have my annual gas safety check? 

We are continuing to deliver this service to ensure customer safety. If you have an appointment already booked, or you receive communication to book an appointment and you are self-isolating and/or have a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case, please contact us as soon as possible.  

This is so that we can make special arrangements with you to enable the safety check to be completed. The engineer undertaking the gas safety check will also contact you immediately prior to attendance at your home and talk you through the special arrangements in accordance with government guidelines 

Do I still need to pay my rent? 

We know it is difficult at the moment but you do need to continue to pay your rent. Given we are all trying to limit contact and stop the spread of this virus, the best way to pay your rent is through our websites, via our tenant app or via the phone. 

I am having financial difficulties what can I do? 

We understand this is a very difficult time but we want to assure you we are here to support you. We need you to continue to pay your rent, but encourage you to tell us straight away if you are experiencing any problems paying your rent, there is a range of help available to you. 

Given we are all trying to limit contact and stop the spread of this virus, the best way to pay your rent is through our websites, via the tenant app or via the phone. If your employment status has changed or you need to talk to us about your rent, please speak to us as soon as possible. 

We can agree affordable repayment plans and provide specialist advice on claiming benefits, maximising income and managing debt through our Financial Inclusion team. 

If you are worried about falling into arrears because you cannot pay us in the short term because of Coronavirus, you can discuss setting up a payment plan with our Financial Inclusion Team at 



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