Loss of heating or hot water?

The weather conditions and cold snap have increased our contact centre calls and your wait times will be longer than normal. If you are calling to report loss of heating or hot water please check the following steps shown below and access our emergency criteria here: Emergency Repairs - WCHG.


If you can smell GAS please ring Cadent on 0800 111 999.

Please Note: If you cannot get your boiler on, but you have a separate shower for bathing and a fire for another form of heating then you may not be able to have an emergency appointment unless you meet the criteria on the emergency what’s covered link shown above.


If your heating is not working please in the first instance try the following steps:

  1. Check if boiler is showing any error codes: If error E133 is displayed, please check the money on the metre. If in debt you will need to top up the metre to get the boiler on. Does the metre say the supply is on? If not, use top up card/key again and follow the process on screen. If you continue to have issues with the metre, please call your supplier, unfortunately WCHG cannot help with money on the metre issues.
  2. Severe Cold weather conditions: Your boiler condenser outlet pipe might be frozen. This is usually found on an outside wall from your boiler and it may need unfreezing using warm NOT boiling water to thaw the ice inside the pipe. Pour over the outlet pipe or use a warm heat setting on the hairdryer over the pipe.  Once thawed you will need to reset the boiler and this may then work. Stop taps may also freeze if outside, please use the same method to thaw.
  3. Re-set the Boiler: Press and hold the reset button or turn dial to reset for 5 – 10 seconds and then release. The boiler should begin to reboot.
  4. System Pressure Gauge: What number is the needle pointing to on the Pressure Gauge? It should be within the green section, normally between 1 & 2. If error E119 or pressure gauge is below one and at 0 the system will need to be topped up.
  5. Temperature Controls: On the boiler, check that they are on and not in the off position. Is the boiler set to Heating and Hot Water?
  6. Thermostat: Check the thermostat, usually on the wall in the hallway area. Ensure this is turned on and set on or above 15/20 degrees depending on the time of year.
  7. No Cold Water Supply: Check the water has not been turned off at the stop tap or Water Metre. Is water off in the area? Can you check with a neighbour? Check with the water utility company by calling them or checking their website. Your water may have frozen in severe weather conditions, please check the stop tap.


You can subscribe to Met Office Cold Weather Alerts here: Cold Weather Alerts - Met Office.

Loss of heating or hot water?