Money Advice

Budgeting Advice

At WCHG we recognise that everyone needs a helping hand with their money problems from time to time.

As a Wythenshawe Community Housing Group tenant or leaseholder you can get free impartial budgeting and benefit advice directly from our Financial Inclusion Team. The service provides you with confidential practical advice and support to resolve your money problems. We understand that it is difficult making that step to sort out your debts and is there to help not to make judgment on your personal situation.

How do you know if you need budgeting Advice?

  • Missed a few bill payments?
  • Owe rent to WCHG?
  • Can’t afford to pay your bills or pay for other essential household goods like food or heating because of a loan or other credit?
  • In arrears with council tax or tv licensing?
  • You don’t open bills or answer the door anymore.
  • Bailiffs visiting or writing to you?
  • Getting letters threatening court action for unpaid bills?
  • If you have answered yes to any of the above then you can get help from the Financial Inclusion Team

Contact us via the WCHG APP, Ring 0300 111 0000 or 0800 633 5500 or email