Manchester Credit Union

If you are looking for somewhere to bank, save, pay your bills, join a savings scheme, get a loan or get some practical money guidance then Manchester Credit Union is the place to go.

There is now a branch of the Manchester Credit Union with us in Wythenshawe – it can be found opposite Home Bargains in the Civic Centre.

It provides a friendly local service to those that work and live in Wythenshawe. The Credit Union is for everyone in the community from those who want a simple bank account to people who are struggling to open an account with a bank or building society or who have never had a bank account before.

Types of accounts

Savings accounts

  • You can open a savings account with the credit union with as a little as £1 – then save as much or as little as you can afford.
  • You can also use it to get your benefits and wages paid into your account.
  • At the end of the year you will be entitled to a ‘dividend’ on any money that you have in your account.
  • You also get free life insurance on your savings.

Current bank accounts

  • You can get a current bank account with a Visa debit or cash card.
  • With a Visa debit card you can pay for goods in shops, by telephone or online.
  • With both cards you can withdraw your cash from cash machines and the Post Office.
  • You can pay for bills by Direct Debit and standing order.
  • Get wages, benefits and cheques paid into your account free of charge.


  • You can get affordable loans from the Credit Union that are cheaper than other local providers.
  • All repayments are made to suit your budget so you can afford to repay the loan Savings schemes and clubs.
  • As a member of the Credit Union, you can join one of the savings schemes that they run every year. For example, the Christmas Savings Club allows you to save a bit of money each week and just before Christmas you can withdraw your cash or vouchers.

Money guidance

  • All Credit Union members can get free money guidance on any money issue or product. For example, if you are thinking of getting a mortgage or taking out home insurance, the money guidance officer will go through all of the suitable products for you explaining anything you don’t understand.

To find out more, pop in to the shop today and have a chat with one of the friendly advisors.

Ring them on 0161 231 5222 or look at their website.