Customer Experience Committee
  1. What is a Customer Experience Committee?

Our customer experience committee is a formal committee of the WCHG Group Board services with 9 members.

Membership is made up of WCHG customers and possibly independents with specialist knowledge and skills. The Committee will explore how WCHG customers and the WCHG Group Board can work together to champion consumer regulation at WCHG.

The Committee will amplify WCHG Customer's Voice at a maximum level to the Board to drive strategic decision making.


  1. What will the Customer Experience Committee do?

We have created our Customer Experience Committee to put customers at the core of how we operate.

The Customer Experience Committee has a wide remit and has delegated power from the WCHG Board to make decisions relating to customer experience. Whilst this list is not exhaustive some of the tasks the Committee will undertake include:

  • making sure that our customer engagement strategy and structure is effective and outcome-focused
  • being involved in decisions about how we deliver our services
  • approving our service standards
  • monitoring our key performance indicators and other information such as customer feedback and complaints
  • working closely with our Service Review Group of customers to plan and commission service reviews
  • commission work to scrutinise services in more detail


  1. How many hours will I expect to work?

The Customer Experience Committee meetings will last approximately two hours but there will be work in between meetings. Whilst the work might not always be in a set format, if you are involved in specific projects you may work more or fewer hours. A rule of thumb might be 8 to 12 hours a month.


  1. Why are you paying committee members?

Our Board and other Committees' members are paid so we feel it is reasonable to pay everyone equally. We also acknowledge that paying Committee members has the potential to provide more quality applicants and to diversify the skills and backgrounds of applicants.


  1. Why are some of the positions unpaid?

Feedback from our current Tenant Committee members is that paying all Committee members might adversely affect customers who claim benefits or pensions.

To ensure that we are being inclusive, a maximum of two of the Committee positions are unpaid.

Once appointed, you cannot move from an unpaid position to a paid position and vice versa but don't worry; if you're not sure, we can provide you with specialist advice from our Financial Inclusion Team so that you make the right choice for you.


  1. What will happen in the recruitment process?

We know the idea of an interview is daunting for some people and we want you to have every opportunity to shine to show us your skills and how you will work to make Wythenshawe and even more fantastic place.

Of course, we need to decide between candidates so we will need to talk to you and naturally, you'll be a good talker and will have strong opinions to want to be part of the Committee. We want you to feel comfortable so will support you through the process from start to finish.


  1. I'm interested, what happens next?

You can come along for a chat and a bit to eat at the Lifestyle Centre on Portway on 18th October from 5pm to 7pm or at Benchill Community Centre on 21st October from 1pm to 3pm - catering provided, drop by for a chat…

For an informal chat contact Ben Harrison - Resident Involvement Manager on 07957 948594 or email