Volunteering Opportunities

What is volunteering?

Why might you volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to…

  • Make new friends:
  • Improve your confidence
  • Learn more about where you live
  • Effect change in your local community;
  • Increase your skills and employability.

How does volunteering with WCHG work?

Tenants and non-tenants are welcome to volunteer with Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.

Once you have completed your Volunteer Registration Form, a member of the Resident Involvement Team will be in touch to

  • help select the voluntary group that is right for you;
  • answer any questions that you may have;
  • arrange a date to start volunteering. The Resident Involvement Officer will likely accompany you on you first day volunteering with us.

Voluntary groups managed by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group are part of Real Neighbours Wythenshawe.

 What is Real Neighbours Wythenshawe?

  • Real Neighbours Wythenshawe is a network of volunteers and volunteering groups supported by Wythenshawe Community Housing Group.
  • Real Neighbours has a shared vision of making Wythenshawe a happier and healthier place to live.

What should you expect from WCHG’s Resident Involvement Team?

Aside from the initial support outlined in the section “How does volunteering with WCHG work?” volunteers and voluntary groups can also expect on-going support from the Resident Involvement Team. This will typically involve:

  • The provision of an ID badge to help identify you as a volunteer.
  • The explanation of any relevant policies around volunteering.
  • The arrangement of training.
  • The arrangement of a DBS check where necessary. This will be paid for by WCHG.
  • The payment of any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • In-person support at groups where necessary.
  • Advice, coordination and direction. Such as, assisting with your group becoming constituted.
  • The resolution of low-level disputes through mediation.
  • The provision of a reference for work or education purposes. (This is reserved for those who have volunteered for a minimum of six months).


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Volunteering Opportunities