WCHG Tenants Conference 2019 ‘Healthy Wythenshawe’

What we do

The Wythenshawe Community Housing Group model of resident involvement has been designed to meet the requirements of the Government’s Consumer Standard and to meet the needs of co-regulation.

It specifically enables residents to monitor service quality, gather customer feedback and to scrutinise service delivery.

The links to the governance structure ensure that outcomes from resident involvement are fed into the business planning process and support the direction and control of the organisation.

The model offers the following opportunities;

  • Tenant Board Members – WCHG Group Board
  • To be on a Local Performance Monitoring Panel to review performance across each subsidiary organisation and provide assurance to these Boards.
  • A Tenant Committee chaired by a tenant reporting into Group Board and approving recommendations related to all customer facing services prior to Board ratification.
  • A range of Tenant Panels linked to the Consumer and Economic Standards that act as monitoring forums and consultation groups.

Other involvement opportunities for residents to carry out reality checks or collate customer satisfaction feedback, or take part in task and finish group or one off our involvement activities