Community Development Grants


Who can apply:

Grants are available to local voluntary community organisations and groups benefiting local residents and operating within the Wythenshawe area.  Priority will be given to small unfunded voluntary and community groups.


  • Individuals
  • Profit making organisations
  • Projects which promote political or religious activities
  • Projects or activities which are the responsibility of statutory organisations


Grants are available between £200 - £2,500 per application.


The panel meet every 8 weeks.

Please see the attached application form for further information on who can apply.

The data collected from this form will be held by WCHG for a maximum of five years on a secure network. Some of the information provided will be shared securely with those on the grants committee. Although we will share Information about how a community group is going to use the money, any personal data will not be shared with the committee. It is important to note, that if you do apply either via the survey form or through the PDF we will need proof of bank details to make sure you are an established group; further information can be found HERE on the funding criteria which is important that you read before making an application. Bank details are kept secure and are not shared with any third party.

Please note, we are committed to treating your information securely, with respect and in line with data protection law. If you have any concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Top Tips

Make sure you read the form thoroughly

  • Section 1: ensure you fill in the full contact details.  Complete all sections with as much detail as possible.  The more you put in the less questions we will have to ask.  Ensure you give full details about the money you require, breakdown the details and give quotes where possible.
  • Section 2: only established groups should fill in this section. By established we mean 1 year or older.  Ensure you send in the relevant information required i.e. constitution, accounts, bank statements.
  • Section 3: This should be filled in by new groups, less than 1 year old. Please answer all questions.
  • Section 4: This is an opportunity for you to give us a little more information about your group/project and what you aim to achieve with the funding if approved. You may also wish to send in copies of any current publicity to give the panel more information about your group.
  • Signatories: please ensure that this section is completed and signed by the two nominated members from your group.

Here are some of the highlights from 2023/24 and examples of some of the groups were have helped.

Sarelles Morris Troupe

We are grateful for the grant to support new dresses and accessories for 75 dancers for competitions. The troupe do a lot of fundraising and we are grateful to WCHG for their wonderful grant. We are run purely by volunteers who have a great team spirit. We call ourselves a family.

Some of our families are on low incomes and struggling with the cost of living, so to be able to offer competition costumes for free is something we always endeavour to do. The enables the dancers to take part and not worry about how they are going to pay for it. Altogether, with our support, they have managed to raise a whopping £9,000, on top of the WCHG grant. We were able to get the dresses we have longed for and everyone looked amazing on that dance floor. Thank you!!!


St John's Catholic Club

The club, based on Honford Road, received a grant to serve Christmas dinners to those who were lonely and isolated on Christmas day. There were 10 volunteers on the day, who gave their time to support this great initiative. Our youngest volunteer was Harry, who is 12 years old. He has volunteered his Christmas day for the last three years - thank you Harry.

All people attending were able to have a free drink with their meal. We also arranged a door to door service for those who were housebound. Every request was catered for, including those last minute, on the day requests. Overall, 95 dinners were given out.

Quote: "Today was a godsend. I had somewhere to go on Christmas day which I would have otherwise spent alone."

Quote: "Being homeless, today is a good day spent in lovely company, with kind people and a warm place and amazing food. Thank you!"


Focus and Fly

We were funded to offer a confidence building course at the local Dandelion Centre in Woodhouse Park. Eight local women took part in an eight week photography and media course to encourage discussion, build their self-esteem and connect with each other. Friendship circles were formed between the group of ladies taking part. These ladies created some amazing images that will be on display in the Dandelion Centre. The course has increased their confidence and self-esteem, fostering a sense of belonging and creating stronger community bonds.