Start a tenants group

Start a tenants group

A tenants’ group is formed by local people. It is run by volunteers and must be open to everyone who lives in the area it covers.

The group may concentrate only on local housing issues, or it could get involved in wider housing policies that affect everyone in the Wythenshawe area. It could work just on housing, or it could be involved in a whole range of community issues.

If there isn’t a tenants’ group in your area already, why not start one yourself?

Contact us for expert friendly advice, one of our ‘Customer Engagement Team‘ will explain what’s involved in setting up and running a group.

We’ll give you all the help you need to get a group up and running. We’ll tell you how you to:

  • Raise interest among people in your area
  • Identify your group’s aims and objectives
  • Hold a first public meeting to recruit members
  • Apply for cash grants to get going
  • Set up regular meetings with local housing staff to discuss local issues and spending priorities.

We’ll also explain how we formally recognise a new group so that it qualifies for funding and the right to regular involvement.