WCHG & Community Support

We are happy to support our Tenants and one great way to do this is by joining or forming a Tenants Group/ TARA.

A TARA brings local people together to form a collective voice. They work together to represent the views of tenants and residents in their area and help make their neighbourhood a better place to live. In particular, their aim is to improve housing and environmental standards in their neighbourhood and improve the sense of community.

We are wanting to make sure we give tenants are given an opportunity to make decisions in their communities. We know often that people have opinions and ideas about their area that others might share.

Are you passionate about where you live? Then why not join your local TARA to:

  • Share ideas and influence decisions about services and improvements to homes or the environment
  • Attend and help organise social events and clubs (including Youth Clubs, activity sessions, clean up days and more), which can be a great way to get to know your neighbours and improve vibrancy of where you live
  • Work with the TARA to bid for funding to make improvements to your community
  • Gain fantastic work experience and a sense of satisfaction through volunteering

At the moment we are working closely and regularly with three TARAS. We are wanting to expand this into working within all the five wards of Wythenshawe.

Tenants and Residents Groups in Wythenshawe:

Name of Group and Area Meeting Schedule Contact for TARA Meeting Locations
Brooklands TARA Every 3 months Brooklandscommunitytara@gmail.com Church of Nazarene, Wendover Road, M23 9FN
Royle Green/ Northenden TARA Third Monday of every month. One month will be a neighbourhood walkabout at 10am and the next month will be a meeting at 7.30pm dee.billy2291@gmail.com  

West View Court Community Room

Baguley TARA 1st Wednesday of every month 7pm  

Hall Lane Resource Centre  M23 1WD

Newall Green TARA – coming soon TBC TBC TBC


Interested in any of the above or forming your own TARA.

Please email us: getinvolved@wchg.org.uk  to ask or tell us where you would like to set one up.

As well as experiencing a sense of community and collaborating with others within your community.
We work with the TARA’s producing action plans to help improve the area you live in and work towards greater place for everyone in Wythenshawe. One of the best ways of getting regular contact with your local Neighbourhood Officer and WCHG staff.

Quotes from some local residents about TARAs

"Reconnecting a community and making new friends and connections along the way" - Brooklands TARA

"A great way to work together as a community" - Involved Resident