Rechargeable Repairs and Recoverable Costs

In line with our Repairs and Maintenance Policy there are some circumstances where we may recharge customers for repairs we complete, or legal costs we incur (rechargeable repairs and recoverable costs).

What is a rechargeable repair?

Repairs customers can be recharged for are for those that:

  • We complete, but are the customer’s responsibility
  • Are needed due to wilful damage, neglect, misuse or abuse by the customer or third party
  • Are needed to return the property to the Empty Property Standard when tenancy ends
  • Were completed as an emergency repair but did not meet this criteria
  • Were not completed as customer did not provide access at the agreed appointment.

Customers will pay the amount it costs our Property Services in-house teams to complete the work. A 10% administrative charge may be applied if payment is not made in advance of work being completed.

What is a recoverable cost?

Recoverable costs are those we incur when court action has to be taken to gain access to ensure gas servicing and electrical / health and safety inspections are completed in line with regulatory requirements. No additional administrative charges will be applied to these costs.

We will not recharge the customer for repairs if:

  • Damage was caused by a criminal act and the customer has a crime reference number
  • Damage is considered to be fair wear and tear

Colleagues can also decide to waive recharges when it is not reasonable to hold the customer accountable based on their specific needs.

Where customers are dissatisfied with a recharge decision, we will try to resolve this informally. Customers can also formally complain in line with our Complaints, Comments and Compliments Policy.