Repairs and Maintenance

What are we responsible for?

Keeping the structure, exterior and services of the building and most fixtures and fittings in good order including:

  • Drains, gutters and external pipes.
  • Roofs.
  • External brickwork doors, window sills and frames.
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues.
  • Pathways, steps and other access.
  • Plastering.
  • Repairs to boundary walls or fences.
  • Replacing keys and locks.
  • All utility services including gas and water pipes and electrical wiring.
  • Communal entrances, halls, passageways, stairways and lifts.
  • Communal lighting and security systems.

What are tenants responsible for?

Keeping the property in good decorative order and minor repairs such as:

  • Easing internal doors to fit carpets.
  • Clearing blocked sinks, basins, showers.
  • Replacing electric fuses, light bulbs, tap washers, sink and bath plugs.
  • Relighting boilers.
  • Filling plaster cracks & internal decoration.
  • Repairing or replacing toilet seats.
  • Plumbing in washing machines and repairs to own equipment.
  • Damage they or their visitors cause.
  • Repairs to fittings or appliances not provided by WCHG.
  • TV aerials or satellite dishes and damage to property or neighbouring property they cause.
  • Clothes posts and lines.
  • Curtain rails and battens.
  • Garden areas including tenant’s fencing.

Tenant Alterations

Tenants are able to make improvements to their home, but must obtain written agreement from the Group before and works can commence. We will only say ‘no’ if there is a good reason – if the work would result in a significant change to the property, affect your neighbours, or be unsafe for example.

To obtain permission, the tenant must:

  • read the guidance notes and fill out a Customer Alteration Form before any works begin,
  • ensure that any necessary permissions are obtained (planning/building regulations) if required,
  • provide a plan of the requested improvement,
  • only use accredited contractors and provide details about them to the Group,
  • provide a quote from the contractor on letter headed paper (please note, you should not be asked to pay for a quote or for any work before it is completed. If you are asked, consider whether the contractor is reputable), and;
  • if you live in a three-storey or high-rise block we will also require a certificate on completion of the work from a FIRAS accredited inspector to show that fire safety in the block has not been breached.

Please be aware, if any work carried out by you or on your behalf causes any problems or repair issues, you are responsible for the cost of works required to remedy the situation.

Repairs You Must Pay For

Most property repairs will be our responsibility under the terms of your tenancy agreement. Some repairs are your responsibility and there are some repairs we can recharge you for. For full details please see our Repairs and Maintenance Policy.

Rechargeable Items

Here are some examples of the type of repairs that can be recharged to you:

  • Lock change due to lost keys.
  • Blocked toilets & drains as a result of misuse (drains blocked caused by disposal of nappies or cooking fat for example).
  • Broken glass & damaged internal doors.
  • Failure of tenant to maintain items required in tenancy agreement.
  • Damage caused by residents and their visitors.
  • Removal/disposal of property fixtures and fittings, (without the Trust’s written permission).
  • Replacement of lost key fobs, window locks or property items.