Timebanking is an idea originating from post-World War Two Japan that seeks to promote the exchange of services between people without the involvement of money. Instead time operates as a sort of currency, referred to as time credits.

For example, Ahmed mows Elizabeth’s grass in exchange for 2hours of time credits. Ahmed then spends the two hours he’s gained attending Andrew’s painting class.

As noted on the Timebanks.org, for timebanks to be successful, they require leadership and good governance. So, we are looking for someone to volunteer as a Timebank Co-ordinator and work alongside the Volunteer Coordinator to enhance the timebanking offer in Wythenshawe. Duties will include basic administration, identifying space for the Real Neighbours Wythenshawe Timebank to grow across all five wards and accompanying people during timebank exchanges.

If you’re interested in this role or would like to know more about any services you could offer on the Timebank, please contact Customer Engagement Officer, Daniel Williams, on 07410 943055 or volunteer@wchg.org.uk