EBICO is the acronym for ‘Equitable Billing Company’ (the company’s original name). EBICO works in partnership with Scottish and Southern Electric.

EBICO is the country’s only not for profit energy supplier – it has no shareholders.

It was established in 1998 and has gradually built up its customer base to around 50,000.

To make things clear to its customers it only provides two products with two tariffs – EQUIGAS (gas) and EQUIPOWER (electricity).

EBICO aims to provide a fair price for gas and electricity to all – regardless of payment methods. This is so that those using a prepayment meter are not paying more for their energy than those paying by Direct Debit. EBICO aims to be open and clear about its tariffs with no hidden charges – you only pay for what you use.

EBICO is able to provide the lowest tariff that it possibly can because it does not need to make a profit. This means that its tariffs are often some of the most competitive on the market, although this does vary depending on what prices other companies are charging at the time.

One happy customer from Solihull said: “It’s the best thing I ever did. Converting was a really simple process, they kept in regular contact with me during the conversion period and since being on the scheme I have saved a considerable amount of money on my fuel bills. I would recommend it to anyone”.

You can ring EBICO directly for a free quotation and more information on 0800 458 7689 or visit their website.