Energy and Money Saving Tips

If the price of your gas and electricity bill is worrying you, have a look at our tips on reducing your bill.

Change suppliers

You can change your gas and electricity supplier to a cheaper provider. You can compare the prices charged by suppliers using a price comparison web site to find the best provider for you.

You will need details of how much your gas and electricity bill costs and your postcode.

Have a look at the a price comparison site like but there are lots of websites available to help you to compare energy prices

If you are using a prepayment meter you may want to try EBICO. They provide gas and electricity at a fair price and with no standing charge

Paying Your Bills

It is cheaper to pay by direct debit than by quarterly bill or pre-payment meter.

If you are using a prepayment meter you can change your meter to a standard meter so that you can choose to pay by direct debit.

To change how you pay your bill speak to your gas and electricity provider.

Can’t pay your bill? You should contact your gas and electricity supplier straight away and explain the situation. They should allow you to repay the money you owe at a rate you can afford.

Who can help?

British Gas –  If you need some help with your British Gas Trust Fund application speak to one of the British Gas Trust Fund Officers at Manchester CAB on 0161 493 2753 or email them on

United Utilities – You may be able to apply for a grant from the United Utilities Trust Fund.

Age UK – If you are over 60 you will receive an extra heating allowance.  You can get more information from Age UK.

Citizens Advice Bureau – If you need help with an application contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

E-On – Can help you to get advice reducing your EON energy bill and help you to access financial help from EON caring Energy Fund to pay for electrical household items, repair or installation of heating systems, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Npower – The Npower Energy Fund is to help customers of npower who are experiencing hardship and struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills. The Npower Energy Fund offers two types of grants to it’s customers; grants to clear gas and/or electricity arrears and grants for other essential costs (household debts or needs).

  • Telephone 01733 421060