Gas and Electricity

Gas and electricity is one of the most expensive bills you have to pay so we’ve put together some top tips for reducing your bill.

Change supplier

You can change your supplier to a cheaper provider as long as you are not in arrears with your current supplier.

Anyone can change supplier even if you pay your bill with a coin, key or card meter.

Compare prices before you change supplier – try looking at a few price comparison websites like;

Have a look at the a price comparison site like but there are lots of websites available to help you to compare energy prices

If you use a prepayment card/key or coin meter you may want to consider changing to EBICO.

Pay by Monthly Direct Debit

Monthly direct debit is the cheapest way to pay your bill as you will get a cheaper tariff and direct debit discount.

Ring your supplier and ask to change to monthly direct debit payments.

If you have a prepayment coin/card or key meter you will need to ask your supplier to change your meter to a ‘standard credit meter’ and set up a monthly direct debit.

If your energy supplier refuses to change your meter or you have any problems with your gas or electricity bill contact,

Reduce the energy you use

  • Turn everything off when not in use.
  • Don’t leave anything on standby – including your computer or television.
  • Use energy saving light bulbs.
  • Turn your heating down by 1oC.
  • Only fill your kettle with enough water for your drink.
  • Turn all your lights off as you leave the room.
  • Fill your washing machine – ½ loads use more energy than full loads.
  • Get those dripping taps fixed!

For more energy saving advice visit Energy Saving Trust.