There are few ways in which you can reduce your water bill, including a discounted rate for people on a low income.

Water Meter

If you live by yourself or have a small family or live in a house with a high rateable value you may be better off with a water meter.

To find out if you can save money, have a look at the United Utilities water meter calculator.

WaterSure scheme discount

The WaterSure scheme is for people using a water meter who are on a low income who have a large family or a medical condition. If you are eligible for the scheme your bill could be reduced to a manageable amount. If you can answer yes to at least three of the questions below, you may be eligible to claim for the discount.

Do any of these apply to you or anyone in your household;

  • Water meter.
  • In receipt of benefits.
  • Receive child benefit for three or more children.
  • Anyone in the household with a medical condition.

If you have answered yes to at least three of the above, (including having a water meter) then you should contact United Utilities and apply for the WaterSure discount you may be eligible.

How to apply for the discount

Complete a simple application form and if applying on medical grounds return any requested documents. You can get an application form from any of the following;

Ring United Utilities WaterSure on 0800 980 6050. United Utilities have other schemes to help you pay your bill. Contact them directly for more information about their other payment schemes.