Wythenshawe Works base is on Greenwood Road and from here our teams of technicians work to provide tenants with a range of repair and maintenance services.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Our multi skilled in-house teams provide:

  • Responsive repairs.
  • Getting empty homes ready for re-let.
  • Garden and ground maintenance services.
  • Planned maintenance programmes.
  • Gas safety and servicing.
  • Electrical inspection and testing.

Appointment Times

All emergency and appointed repair work is done by appointment at a time agreed with you. The appointment slots are:

  • Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 6.00pm.
  • Saturdays between 8.00am and 3.00pm – last appointment 2.00pm start.

Appointed repairs

These are the type of faults that don’t create a health and safety risk, but do cause serious inconvenience, discomfort or nuisance, and are likely to cause building deterioration if not resolved. For example:

  • Leaks controlled by tenant – running overflow, dripping tap, leaking wastepipe.
  • Faulty WC flush, renewal of WC pan, noisy pipes.
  • Faulty entry phone, loose banister of handrail, rotten stair treads, faulty light switch/sockets.

Emergency Repairs

We also complete emergency repairs by appointment. These are faults that create a potential danger to health, risk to safety, or serious damage to the property:

  • Burst pipes, cylinders, tanks, no cold water, effluent flowing into property or garden, blocked W.C.
  • Complete power failure, failure of communal lights, faults to bathroom, kitchen or staircase lighting, smoke alarm that will not be silenced.
  • Burst on heating system that will cause water damage.
  • No heating where no separate fire; no hot water where no immersion heater or electric shower between 1.10 to 31.3 – for vulnerable households.
  • Broken lock or window lock if property insecure or lost keys – tenant may be recharged.
  • Faulty lifts.

Beware of bogus callers

Anyone that we send to your home will have a Wythenshawe Community Housing Group identity badge with their name and a photograph. Please ask to see this before letting them in. For extra security, you can set up a password which you can ask the technician to tell you before letting them in. To set one up, phone Customer Services on 0800 633 5500 or 0300 111 0000.

Our performance

We are constantly working hard to find ways of delivering value for money by always looking to improve the way we work and the service we provide. Click here for our latest performance figures.

Our skills

We aim to equip technicians with multiple skills, leading to:

  • Improved efficiency and job satisfaction.
  • Ownership and responsibility for the service.
  • Higher rates of first time completions.
  • Reduction in number of repair orders.

We operate a successful Apprentice scheme, offering local people and non-traditional groups access to secure, skilled jobs in the construction industry. We employ women Apprentice plumbers, and young men and women are being trained as electricians and bricklayers..

Our service

Each year Wythenshawe Works:

  • Complete 30,000 repairs.
  • Prepare 500 properties for re-let.
  • Service all gas boilers – approximately 14,000.
  • Complete 1300 electrical condition reports.

We employ 180 people and there are 139 vehicles in our fleet.